day 54 – leopards

by talbystrianyk


Every time I see this stuffed toy sitting in my room I am struck with a wave of nostalgia. I have one, my sister has one, my daughters, my mother… you see it is a symbol to us all of one handmade Halloween costume my mother made for my brother – at least I think it was made for him originally… The cutest leopard suit you ever did see. He wore it, I wore it, my sister wore it, my two daughters wore it and soon to be followed by my niece, when she fits into it. How wonderful a time when costumes were made from scratch and can endure oh gee… probably 40 years – it’s pretty cool. Thanks mom. Thanks for instilling in us an appreciation for things hand crafted!


Here is the creator, my mother, with my eldest daughter
(2001, I think)