day 116 – peace

by talbystrianyk



I was lucky enough to join my daughters 6th grade class in a field trip today. We drove three hours to see the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York City – the largest Cathedral of it’s kind in the world. As I strolled through the enormity with 27 twelve year olds and a handful of adults I was struck by the stillness such an enormity can hold. There were several choirs visiting and their singing, and I know I am being cliche, was heavenly. I was touched to see the candles burning – each one lit to bring its illuminator a moment of peace. I suppose we can all chose to have moments of peace, even if it is brief, it is still there and perhaps it is something we can reflect back on. I still consider myself a novice at meditation, only starting a couple of years ago – I suppose it is the (few) moments of stillness and peace I find that attract me to it. It’s most likely the same reason I am drawn to places of worship even though I am not particularly religious. We live in such a fast paced culture it is hard to remember to take a breath, a moment to be still, to be calm, to love.

“The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. The soul has to proceed rather by unknowing rather than knowing.”
St. John of the Cross