day 169 – intention

by talbystrianyk



I remember endlessly blowing wishes on dandelions when I was young – I don’t remember what any of them were – I wonder if any came true? Seeing this dandelion today it reminded me that wishes might be a bit whimsical – but intentions that are pure and clear are serious business. I remember my older daughter auditioning for Peter Pan at a reputable local theatre company. Somewhere around 150 children auditioned. My daughter had a very clear intention she would get the title role. I remember my mother telling her not to get her hopes up and she said, “I don’t have to, I going to get the part”. Not surprising, she got the role. I was so impressed with her unwavering determination and faith. She has used this power over and over again – it’s quite remarkable. It’s how athletes break world records that seem impossible to beat – they believe! Time to slow down, set an intention, trust and believe – you might fly!

“Wishes and hopes are potentially weak and can be diminished, deflected, and dashed. Intentions, on the other hand, are royal and, when they rise up from the soul, will be treated royally. Circumstances will bow to them. People will honor them. Others will be inspired by them. Because true intentions are so rare, they will be treated with unusual respect.”
Sonia Choquette