day 176 – nominations

by talbystrianyk



So this is very surprising and flattering. I started this blog as an experiment really for myself and now I have over one hundred followers plus all the people that see my posts on Facebook, linked-in and pinterest – I really have no idea how many people look at my blog – it’s really quite strange, but lovely. Well, thanks to the talented Jennie Saia, I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award – how cool and unexpected is that??

So here are the rules – I now will nominate 15 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers who I think should be seen by many other people. And for for I suppose share 7 facts about myself… hmmm… should be interesting…

facts first;

1. I love love… a lot

2. I take an adult gymnastics class and can do crazy things I couldn’t do when I was a kid

3. I don’t have television

4. I am certified in Akashic Record readings (although I am way out of practice)

5. I am only now after many years learning to choose faith over fear

6. I like sparkles

7. favorite movie – Moulin Rouge!

okay… funny.
Here are my nominees;

1. Tip of my tongue

2. Jennifer Currie Art

3.Free Spirits United

4. Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY

5. Jenna Dee

6. Vegetarian in Vegas

7. Laundry Line Divine

8. Leaf and Twig

9. A Spiritual Journey

10. For the love of Nike

11. Real Living Beauty

12. Travelling Clicks

13. Peacock Under Preassure

14. Jorg David Photography

15. Life Out of the Box

Okay – no need to be involved in this if I nominated you and you aren’t interested – just putting you out there. Thanks so much for everyones support!! Have a wonerful night!