day 272 – modern medicine

by talbystrianyk


So I made an emergency trip to Ukraine on Saturday. My daughter who went abroad with her grandparents to visit their homeland came down with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. She was released today after 10 days of unbelievable conditions. Never mind that the hospital doesn’t provide anything, not even sheets or toilet paper – the public bathroom that maybe 60 people used (men, women and children) was… Hmmm, not sure if the American public can handle it – far under Wester standards. I suppose because we are American they gave us special treatment and let us use the “doctors” bathroom – which was actually just the next stall over and had a window. Sterility seems to be a non issue here – we were handed a glass bottle yesterday, with no top on it for her urine sample this am. No way to urinate in the bottle so my daughter had to do so in a small metal chamber pot that has been sitting in the room, unwashed for days (She had to use this when first in the hospital when she couldn’t walk to the bathroom let alone stomach it). No surgical gloves when working with IV, no modem IVs – my daughter had to have it moved 3 different places because she would become so sore and irritated the IV fluid would not flow. It is really quite unbelievable in this age of the Internet, where everyone in this city is walking around with a cell phone, that these poor conditions can exist!! When my daughter asked after 8 days of not bathing to be able to wash herself the doctor stated “no one ever died from dirt”. Blessings on the USA and modern medicine!