day 332 – good deeds

by talbystrianyk


Yesterday while driving home after a long and emotional day – my trunk opened after an hour on the road. While in CT for my uncles funeral my sister returned a bunch of artwork to me that she was keeping safe while I was in home transition. It was two big portfolios holding much of my high-school artwork that fell out of my trunk 20 minutes from home. I have often wondered how things end up on the side of the road. How can something fall out of ones car unbeknownst to them? Little did I know. So how did I find out I lost my belongings? I received a text that evening saying “Found a portfolio. May belong to you?” – Holy cow – I didn’t had no idea anything was missing. I noticed my trunk was open when I arrived home and thought, I popped it open on my way out of the car… These kind people not only retrieved my belongings, they first put them on the side of the road to see if any one would claim them and when they saw hours later that the portfolios were still there they took them under their care, found my name amongst the contents and Googled me – (thank goodness for Google). They contacted me and were kind enough to meet me at the scene of the crime to return my goods. This action is so heartwarming and beautiful. It makes one believe in the kindness of strangers in what can seem like a very indifferent world. These people have no idea of my hardships or joys – they just did what I assume they would hope someone would do for them. Thank you – thank you and bravo to all the unsung good deed doers!