by talbystrianyk

In early May I had the good fortune to attend a “Soul Painting Retreat” hosted by the wonderfully gifted and spirited Alena Hennessy. This was held at the Bend of Ivy Lodge just outside of Asheville North Carolina. Five days of nourishing time devoted to artwork with special bonuses like home cooked healthy delicious meals, restorative yoga, hot springs, even a shamanic healing circle. As if that wasn’t special enough, I met twenty of the most amazing, vibrant women who all inspired me in countless ways. I had no idea what a enriching experience going on retreat was and am so happy I “indulged” in this venture and looking forward to including more of this sort of pampering in my future.

While there I focused on my artwork – I finished one large painting and I am about half way through a second. I don’t think I ever had the opportunity to start painting after breakfast and continue on until the dinner, hour being fed lunch in-between. Three days of this luxury was so beneficial and it nourished my soul. One of the benefits of working in a group was whenever stuck, I could take a walk around and get inspired by others, feeding off their same frustrations and triumphs. It was incredibly invaluable.

On the last day of the retreat I was super pleased with all that I accomplished. I couldn’t wait to get back home and work more art time into my schedule. As if all this wasn’t excellent enough, on the last day of the retreat one of the attendees asked to purchase my painting. Hooray! This person just happened to be New York Times bestselling author Lisa Genova (Still Alice, Inside The O’Briens) – I know, crazy right?! Just like all the other attendees at this miraculous retreat, Lisa is bright, beautiful and extremely open-hearted. Yesterday I returned home after a wonderful visit with Lisa and her family. How grateful I am to have hand delivered one of my favorite pieces to someone who not only witnessed it’s creation but who I know will cherish it! Thank you Lisa! Thank you Alena! Thank you also to my good friend Jennifer Currie who not only nudged me to go on the retreat, but is ever a devout supporter of me and ay artwork. A final thank you to all the wonderful women I met in NC and
hold deeply in my heart!!




acrylic, ink, spraypaint, Caran d’Ache, gel pen on Aquabord